During the first 12 months, Steenstra GCM seeks to produce a static exterior and interior concept model of the Styletto Roadster, and a see-through static concept model of the Styletto Coupe. Both models are targeted for the Geneva Motor Show display in early March of 2011. These will be followed by a total of 5 driving prototype vehicles that will be used for display and evaluation purposes at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance, after which they will be employed for both further representation purposes as well as for component testing. An initial investment of $10 million is sought to cover this stage of development and promotion.

The last quarter of year 1 will also see the commencement of setting up the Steenstra GCM R&D, Sales and Marketing, and Production facilities. An area between Irvine and Lake Forest in Southern California is sighted for this purpose, an area the State has designated to attract new businesses to set up. From the last quarter of year 1 until the end of year 3 a total of $50 million is sought to cover these costs as well as the costs for production development of the Styletto and initial development of the 4-door Gran Stylismo, and Stylversa mini van concepts

It is targeted to start production of the Styletto Roadster and Coupe in year 3, with an expected sales volume of 50 units for each car. In year 4 the production of both Styletto models should reach their norm value of 100 units each, as well as see the initial production run up of the Gran Stylismo at 50 units. Annual production and sales numbers for both the Gran Stylismo 4-door and the Stylversa mini van are at 100 units as well, where the Stylinetta 2+2 coupe and roadster are planned at an ultimate annual volume of 300 units.

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